• “Surround yourself with the things you
    love and make you smile”
  • “Create your home with
    respect to our planet”
  • “Take notice of everything you do
    and put a bit of yourself into it”
  • “Spend time with the people
    who feel special to you”
  • “Have fun in everything you do”
  • “Pass on rituals to the next generation -
    like family Sunday dinners”
  • “Get grounded - take your shoes and socks off
    and connect with the Earth”
  • “A random act of kindness creates
    a ripple of lovely feelings”
  • “Getting good quality sleep is
    one of the nicest gifts to give yourself”
  • “Appreciate your ancestry -
    it's part of who you are”
  • “Eat food that's as close as
    possible to its natural state”
  • “Dedicate your life
    to something you love”

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